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About MPC Events

MPC Events was founded under the premise that meeting people should be fun and easy. In addition MPC believe in getting out of the house and exploring our great city. MPC has created hundreds of events, visited scores of venues and explored many of the city's neighborhoods while connecting thousands of people. With a fun and lively superhost in attendance at every party whose job is to provide a comfortable atmosphere, strangers become friends and more at our events.

Our Team

Peter Shen


A few years back, Peter wondered why it was so hard to meet people. Despite the plethora of online sites and apps, connecting people seemed more difficult, not easier. Being a gregarious guy and a want for new challenges, he decided to do an experiment; create a social group of strangers and turn them into friends.

Three years later, thousands of people have connected, hundreds have met their good friends, and more than a handful have even gotten married. The experiment worked, the phenomenon was created.

Today, Peter leads a core of dedicated believers to expand his vision of connecting people. You can still find him at most MPC events. Go ahead and say hi. He’ll be happy to meet you.

  • "I had a blast! Great group, great people. I have to definitely come out to more events."

    Taylor // MPC Member

  • "Come to these events. You won't be disappointed. The organizer is SUPER friendly and a great host. "

    Tabia // MPC Member

  • "I met my best friend from the first event I went to. Thanks Peter! "

    Jessica // MPC Member

  • "Thank you MPC. I met my love of my life, my good friends, all because of your amazing, fun events!"

    Jill // MPC Member

  • "After attending several different groups, MPC is the hands down the best! There are a variety of young fun people in their 20's and 30's with a good balance between men and women. The venues are also awesome. Thanks for organizing it Peter! "

    Trent // MPC Member

  • "So much fun! The people were great and the music was totally fun! It was my first event and I was amazed at how great it was. I look forward to going to many more and meeting many more wonderful friends!"

    Jen // MPC Member

  • "Best events I have been to! Fun group, nice people and the organizers are awesome!"

    Lisa // MPC Member

  • "Out of control and I like it like that!"

    Kirill // MPC Member

  • "I had an amazing time! I can't wait for the next events!"

    Tiffini // MPC Member

  • "MPC is a fantastic social group. I was brand new to the city in June (knowing all of 2-3 people), and decided to give it a try after being here for five days. The people are friendly, fun and it's pretty easy to just bounce around meeting new people. I HIGHLY recommend you give this group a try if you're on the fence. Peter does a fantastic job organizing, and it's always good to get out and explore/drink in new areas of the city with people just looking to have a good time."

    Jeremy // MPC Member

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