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The Recipe for Meeting People

Ever have a conversation with someone just to find out that you both weren't the same wavelength? In other words, you just didn’t ‘click’ together? Granted, sometimes you need more than just a first conversation to tell if you will get along with someone, but moving somewhere new and meeting new people can be rough in this aspect. You might go through many trials and error processes just like the one above in order to make a new friend. Why is making a new friend out of college or your hometown so damned difficult?

That’s a question I asked myself quite a bit when I first moved to Chicago right after college. And after much thought, I saw that in college, the ingredients needed to make new friends were abundant. Even in your hometown, the same ingredients apply. Lets break down these ingredients:

Ingredient #1 - Same age group
Imagine being in a city of people consisting solely of 18-22 year olds. That’s exactly what college is. Constantly being surrounded by a similar age group provides you an automatic shared trait: being a part of the same generation. Every generation has their own inside jokes, fashion, music, entertainment, nuances and characteristics. Being with people in your generation opens a plethora of topics and ideas that you can discuss with one another at any time.

Ingredient #2 - Similar problems
It’s a fact that getting through a challenge with a stranger brings you closer to that person. Every day college students have to go through similar problems. Having trouble in class, making grades, finding what you want to do with your life, making new friends, etc. With all these problems, it helps to have people alongside you, battling with you. You can share stories, laugh together about your problems and most importantly, solve each other’s problems.

Ingredient #3 - Familiarity
Seeing the same people every day or every week is a quick fire way of making new friends. Just by being around the same people in a lecture hall, organization, cafeteria or even walking around campus you get desensitized to feeling judged. Meeting the same people over and over helps you see patterns in other people’s behaviors thus lowering some of the guard you have up. Of course, you may still be a little nervous, but far less than not having ever seen the person at all. Familiarity also raises the probability that you will have a conversation with that person as you see them continually.

Ingredient #4 - Similar Interests
One thing is sure, that if you have an interest in something, there’s bound to be someone else on campus that does as well. You can then either create an organization for this interest or even join an existing one. And just like that, anyone who joins an organization sharing your interests can be your friend.

Ingredient #5 - Less Consequences and Obligations
Although college may be a hard time for many people, the period of your life after completing your education is far tougher. Obligations and consequences are now a real factor. Bills, time commitments and focusing on your ambitions weren’t as much of a big deal as they are now. Not having to worry about these previously, you’re a little more stressed and have little time to go out.

Mix all of these together and you have the perfect environment to make new friends. I’m sure there are more factors, but these ones come to mind right off the bat. The question is, how do we recreate this out of your hometown or college? Because if we recreate the ingredients to the recipe, we should be able to make the end result, right?

And that is the goal of Meet People Chicago, to use this recipe…to make cookies. Wait…no I mean make friends* haha ;).  Look past the shameless self-advertisement I use (haha) and try to recreate this in your own life.

Here’s how Meet People Chicago recreates the recipe:

Ingredient #1 - Same age group
As you can see by just scrolling through our member list or looking in the group description, we have a specific age range (20’s-30’s) that we make come together. Some youngins have “old souls” and like to be around older people, so although it’s not impossible to make friends with people outside of your age group, it is definitely more difficult.

Ingredient #2 - Similar problems
The mission of our group is to bring people who want to meet new people due to being in a new city or even to expand their social circle, together. The problem everyone shares is meeting other people in a comfortable environment. This problem is shared and we provide a platform as a solution.

Ingredient #3 - Familiarity
Having an event a couple times a month where you keep seeing the same people breeds familiarity. By event #3 you’ve seen a few people already and can easily start a conversation about the last event or catch up with. There’s been several people who’ve made lifelong friends and have even met their other half!

Ingredient #4 - Similar Interests
A lot of our events attract people who like to have a good time through intellectual conversations, socializing, dancing or grabbing some great food/drinks. Other like to have fun by being outdoors, maybe going on the river or doing a scavenger hunt. We have all of these activities, yet some people don’t find these activities to be fun and that’s totally ok. Not everyone’s the same. But realize that you’re in a setting where whoever has shown up, thinks this event would be fun, just like you! Here you share the same tastes in respect to what you think is fun. They’re bound to have similar tastes in entertainment, fashion, maybe even humor.

Ingredient #5 - Less Consequences and Obligations
For just a brief moment, you are at a Meet People Chicago event, inside the Meet People Chicago bubble where you don’t have to think about bills and all of that jazz. An escape every now and then can be refreshing and make you tackle your obligations harder. While you’re inside this bubble, make sure to take advantage of it!

So now that you know the ingredients, how will you make your own recipe?


Sam Amir | Superhost | Meet People Chicago 
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