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Men's Easy Style Guide (How to Dress Sharp): Part 1 - Why You Should Dress to Impress


Why should you care about how you dress? Why should it matter? The clothes don’t make the man, right? Well men, I have a secret to tell you.

Come closer.

Do you know the number one question I get at parties from women?

It’s “Can you introduce me to a good looking man?”

Dressing well isn’t the only thing that makes the man, but it’s a big damn part. Now, what constitutes “good looking” is subjective, but something that definitely doesn’t hurt is dressing well. If you dress better, I guarantee you’re leagues ahead of other men. Dressing well implies you’re comfortable about yourself, that you have style, have yourself together and most importantly: you have confidence.

I can say with full certainty that if you put effort in how you present yourself, it honestly wouldn’t be a problem to meet these women and have a conversation with them. I promise you. It wouldn’t be a problem to kill a sales meeting. It wouldn’t be a problem to get that client. It wouldn’t be a problem to conquer the world...well there might be a few obstacles in your way on that one, but hey, you’d look damn good, right?

Now, here come the excuses, I can hear em’ from a mile away, quiet down! Let me address the 3 biggest ones for ya.

Excuse 1: “I’m not this. I’m not that. It won’t matter how I dress.”

“I’m not tall. I’m not fit. I’m not blah” Blah blah blah. I’ve heard a ton of them. You would be surprised what a nice fitted suit, a blazer, some nice jeans and great shoes will do for you. I guarantee you will feel a confidence boost.  And, if this is your excuse, you definitely need a confidence boost. Read Part II to find out how you can get fitted, find your style and more.

Excuse 2: “I have no idea what to wear or what looks good on me/don’t care enough to learn.”

This was my excuse until recently. I used to have my ex-girlfriend tell me what looked good on me. Yep, pretty bad hah. Honestly, I just didn’t want to spend my time learning how to. I thought it would be this monumental task of keeping up with men’s fashion magazines, spending time in malls, etc. And hey, I was getting by without knowing anything about fashion. Jeans and a shirt, boom, good right? Not at all. When I started going out in Chicago, I learned quickly that people dressed sharp here. I took a step to find out how I should dress and was blown away that honestly, it didn’t take long to learn at all. Invest a little time to learn how to dress sharp, and it’ll pay for itself, trust me. Hopefully this blog makes your life a little easier!

Excuse 3: “It’s way too expensive, I don’t have money for that!”

I’m not advocating you go out and spend thousands on clothes, you don’t have to. I know, you probably don’t believe me. Well, there are a TON of reasonable outlets to shop that won’t have you living in a cardboard box the next day (you’ll look damn good in that box though!). Here are a few examples of some affordable places to shop: J Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, Express, Macy’s and IndoChino. These outlets have everything you need as a man for any occasion.

Excuses aside, look, I was in the same boat with you and 90% of guys. I used to think that what you wear doesn’t mean anything. A nice t-shirt and some jeans with some sneakers would do. And here’s the thing, it’s lazy. Don’t misconstrue what I mean here...I’m not saying go spend thousands on high end, designer clothes. I’m not saying go buy whole suits or blazers. I’m not saying go buy a tie and rock it to every party. That’s weird. I’m saying have some style. Have your own style. Don’t subscribe to wearing any old t-shirt and jeans because it’s easy. Try and define who you are and express that with your clothing because a man with style, exudes confidence.

I think a lot of men would love to dress nice, they just don’t know how. Luckily for you, I’ll save you some time and help my fellow bretheren out. Sure, you could google “how to dress” and come up with literally thousands of blogs...but they’re all complicated and WAYYY too much info. We don’t need any of that. I’ll give you exactly what to wear and by the end of this super simple guide on how to dress to kill for parties, you’ll be throwing roses at me. Just make sure they don’t have thorns please! Stay tuned for Part 2, How to Dress to Impress.


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