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The Best Bars Around the Chicago L: The Blue Line

In honor of our epic L Bar Crawl on September 30th, we'd thought we'd highlight some of the best bars around the L lines. And If you’re like many of us Chicagoans you’re looking for a good night out on the town, but you’re looking for a way to get around at the same time. Driving is out of the question you tell yourself. And an Uber/Lyft can be expensive, not to mention a hassle. No one's a fan of handing out 5 bucks for cancellations that weren’t your fault, right?

How about the L?

Ah yes, the L. Cheaper and easier, but you just gotta make it through those damn gates!

Your next question is probably “Where are the best spots around the L to drink at?” Well good thing you’re reading this cause we got you covered. Welcome to our 4 part series of “The Best Bars Around the Chicago L” (creative, I know). We’re going to go over the 5 best bars around the various stops on the Pink, Red, Blue and Brown L lines. This piece will be about the Blue Line. Let's hop on this train and get going!


Revolution Brewing

Neighborhood: Avondale

L Stop: Belmont

If you say you are from Chicago, then you have had a Revolution! Revolution beer and Revolution Brewing that is. Revolution Brewing is Chicago's favorite craft brewery. Since its opening in 2010, Revolution has become such an iconic Chicago brand, that it has virtually revived neighborhoods such as Logan Square and Avondale. The main brewery is in the Avondale neighborhood.

This is the best beer in Chicago in my opinion. The brewery has a HUGE taproom where the brewing process is in full view with wooden barrels in every corner, overseen by a glorious American flag. I love taprooms but this is my favorite one. Though huge in space, the taproom has a neighborhood feel, comfortable whether you're with friends or alone. But even when you are there alone, it doesn't feel so. Like America's favorite fictional bar, this is where everybody knows your name.

The brewery also has brewery tours almost daily.  On Saturday, they have it at 4, 5, and 6 PM. The brewery tour is very popular and is first come first serve and no appointments. You will see what a real micro brew operation is like. Unlike an Anheuser Busch tour, it's much more homey and cozy and the tour feels as if your drunk Uncle Johnny is giving you a good story to tell. Plus at the end of the tour, you get a nice cold can of Anti-Hero beer!

So, come check out why Revolution beer is the best craft beer in Chicago. Check out one of the greatest looking taprooms you will ever see. And check out the newest Chicago hot spot, where artists, professionals, and craft beer enthusiasts all happily converge in one place called Revolution Brewing! 


Logan Bar and Grill

Neighborhood: Logan Square

L Stop: California

A new kid on the block seems to be appearing every week in Logan Square. Home of hipsters, artists and long time locals for years now is catering to the newest yuppies, young parents and wannabes (first the skyscrapers, what's next Baby Gap?). But if there is one thing constant, it's good old Logan Bar and Grill. You see, long before the newest, trendiest bars and restaurants opened in LS, LBG was already there. Serving the locals and the newest community members with happy service and good selection of beer, liquor and food.  

Yes the food! Such good bar food! That's usually my stop when I want good bar food with good beer because LBG has both. Options are plentiful from your typical nachos, wings and sandwiches to burgers. But what's not typical is how delicious they are. Hand crafted burgers with tastes for every palette. Your stomach won't feel empty as the dishes are sizable though your mouth might savor for more because it's so tasty.

Another reason to stop here besides, the food, drinks selection and being right next to the California Blue line, is how chill and relax the atmosphere is. Sure, you can go to a more crowded bar. A more dive-y bar. Even a more pretentious bar (yes they are creeping in Logan Square now, argh!), but Logan Bar and Grill has never changed - in a good way. Their service is impeccable from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave the table. They seem to know how to hire the right people. Maybe it's because they want to keep the old Logan Square we knew and loved before it started changing. I'll stop myself there before I hurt anyone's feelings about their neighborhood. Bottom line, make Logan Bar and Grill your first stop in Logan Square before going to any other bars and you'll see that at the minimum, you'll have made at least one right choice that night.


Flat Iron

Neighborhood: Wicker Park

L Stop: Damen

Speaking of neighborhoods that are losing their way...cough, cough, our next stop is Wicker Park. In its heyday, Wicker Park was the Logan Square of Chicago. Every weekend and sometimes it seems, every weekday, people were always out and about. The energy level was vivacious and contagious. Besides plenty of original watering holes, places like Double Door would attract the coolest and best local acts that only people in the know have heard about. Unfortunately Double Door is closed and many other bars that made Wicker Park have been replaced by venues that are not beholden to the original contract of keeping it authentic. But the good news is there are still some places that exist for that purpose. And Flat Iron is one of them.

Flat Iron, for some novice to Wicker Park, may seem to him or her as not their cup of tea. Large, dark, grungy, dive-y, full of interesting wall art. But look past your mental box of what a bar you like should be, to what it feels like instead. And Flat Iron feels just right.

Come to Flat Iron because you miss the old Wicker Park. You know the one where you can be yourself. The one where beer is still affordable. The one where the guy sitting next to you may be from a different background but still can shoot the bull with you. The one where you can be alone and not feel alone. The one where playing pool or bar games isn't a hassle to start. That's Flat Iron. Now, isn't this nice and the way more bars in Wicker Park should be? 


Easy Bar

Neighborhood: Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village

L Stop: Division

Continuing on our quest to find another cool yet unpretentious bar, let’s stop and take a look on Division Street. There’s so much going on on Division Street, so let us make it easy for you: Easy Bar.

Easy Bar on Division street is easy alright. Walk right in, and the music doesn't stop. Walk right in and easily play a game of pool with a stranger. Walk right in, and the bartender or even the GM will say hello and serve you a beer quickly, yet have time to chat with you until the next customer beckons. Walk right in and sit at the bar, watch a game or go all the way to the back to their comfortable, yet history laden lounges. Yes it is dark and has an unassuming decor but that's part of what makes Easy Bar easy. No pretention, no fluff, no BS. But it's more romantic than meets the eye. The lit candles and the smooth music generate the mood for you and your significant other or the interesting guy or girl that you have an eye for. Easy Bar can get crowded late Friday or Saturday night but no matter what time you go, you'll feel at ease and at home.


Richard's Bar

Neighborhood: River West

L Stop: Grand

Alright, we have mentioned many good bars in our "Best Bars Around the Chicago L" list including some old school type bars. Holiday Club in the Red Line is a good example. But for a truly old school experience you have to visit Richard's Bar.

Located in the Milwaukee/Grand/Halsted six corners area, Richard's Bar is usually not the first bar that comes rolling off someone's tongue. And that’s because the neighborhood is not the newest or trendiest one to go to (though that will probably change quickly). That award goes to the likes of River North or Logan Square. And that’s just fine cause Richard's Bar is not built or catered to mass appeal. Besides, the look and feel of this bar hasn't changed for 50 years (even the bartender seems like he came of the 1940’s!). For one, the bar sells cigarettes and even have patrons smoking. Now, I know this will turn off many people, as most of us don't smoke anymore, but if you can handle some second hand smoke, the experience at Richard's is one to take home with. Some people come dressed like the "old movie" days with their hats and long blazer coats. Listen or play the jukebox that's always on and beloved by everyone in the room. People watch and let time slow down for you. That's Richard's and if you like all that, then step off the Grand station and immerse yourself in a different era.

Five great spots for the Blue line for you to check out. There are plenty of more bars along this route but since we cannot make them all, check out these five first. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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