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The Division Street Bar Crawl: A Member's Experience

The following blog was re-printed with permission from thenuttytalks.com.

It was Saturday morning & I had nothing better to do for the weekend. Apart from being bored, I needed a new story to write for my blog.

Socializing events are a great source of my inspiration & are filled with interesting stories. So I Immediately checked if MeetPeopleChicago has any good events? I immediately signed up when I saw that there was bar crawl.

I love bar crawls,  they are a great way to socialize, get drunk and meet amazing people. Peter never let people down with bar selections and drink specials.

I was all Dressed Up To Get Messed Up!!!

It was 90º on a Saturday afternoon & I started binge drinking at 4:00 pm, hey it’s five o’clock somewhere & you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!

First Stop: Easy Bar

I absolutely love to hang out at this place, it has a classy looking bar with reasonably priced drinks & friendly bartenders. It has a pool table and a giant Jenga at the backside. The backside looks like a speak easy bar lounge and is a perfect place to hangout with friends.


Draft Beer options- Easy Bar

The first bar is always hard, people are still shy & it’s hard to break the ice.

I had my Moscow mule and started introducing myself to everyone there. After a while I encounter with this group of people who were celebrating their friends birthday, the birthday guy bought his sisters and they were epic entertainers. 

We all started playing Jenga. Fun fact: alcohol makes every game more fun.

IMG 1994 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

Second Stop: Fatpour

Fatpour has an amazing selection of beer with 2 floors & an outside seating. I love the way they burn their name on their burgers.

image - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

(Credit: Andrew Nawrocki)

Now that we were in our second bar & everyone was on their 2nd or 3rd drink, people started mingling with each other.

The party just started coming alive!!

I met an amazing group of woman in their 40’s, who were friends from their childhood. They decided to spend their night drinking on a bar crawl.

IMG 1995 1024x768 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

In any social situations, people try to look for people with similar qualities like race, language, hobbies. Few minutes in, an Indian guy comes up to me and started talking to me, we became instant friends and hang out all through the night. He was super uptight in the beginning but I was proven wrong once he got drunk & partied the shit out of him.

Third Stop: Fifty/50

2 650x430 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

Source: Google

Fifty/50 is a perfect place to watch a game with big TVs all over the places. Their famous award-winning wings are to die for.

We had the whole basement for our-self with just one bartender (It sucked to wait for 20 min just to get our beers).

After a few drinks in my body, I became pretty comfortable around people. Now was the time to rock n roll, I was poking around everyone for their stories to include in my blog.

I have an interesting job, I design custom helmets for NFL players. This makes my communication easy, at least for those who like football.

I like the situations where girls are surrounded by a bunch of guys like bees around the honey. It’s absolutely funny to see guys trying to impress the girls & this bar crawl was no exception to this scenario.

Up in the front, I see this girl stealing the show with a group of guys around her. I needed to check out who she was.

I was actually shocked when she said her work is in Bloomingdale & her condo is in Chicago. She stays at a motel near her work all through the weekdays and comes to her house in the weekends. She mentioned that she liked climbing, so I took her number promising to invite her when I go climbing next time.

Fourth Stop: Bourbon on Division

As the name suggests it has different types of bourbon. It has a pool table & few other arcade games in the back.

42780 128345 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

Source: Google

This was probably the loudest & most packed bar we went on that day. The DJ was playing good songs but the acoustic of the place made it a huge chaotic noise. People were dancing & pushing each other around. I could see Peter’s(Organiser) face turning curious as people started leaving.

IMG 1998 1024x768 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

I saw a group of Indians & went near them and introduced myself by saying, “it’s always good to see few brown people”(That shit always works).

One of the girls mentioned that she works at a security firm which made me wondered how good she was?
She saw my confused face & mentioned that it’s a cybersecurity company. 

I observed that two of guys looked very similar & upon enquiring if they were brothers?
One of the guys yelled, “Hell noo!! I am white as fu*k”.
I replied, “chill dude, I could see many ways that could be possible.
We all had a laugh.

Later I met two best friends who said that they knew each other from birth. Upon inquiring more they revealed that their parents were best friends and they gave birth around the same time. So from the point of their birth, they knew each other and were inseparable while growing up.

I came outside with my drink for some fresh air and there I rejoined my friend who was talking to two women. As soon as I introduced myself one of them asked if I like ISIS & radical Islamic people.
I was thinking in my mind, “god I can’t have this conversation now”.  I tried to divert the conversation from asking how they know each other. She mentioned that her friend was dating her brother & they became BFFs.

Final Stop: InnJoy

12032 1 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

This was our final stop, it was dance bar which played all the 80’s and 90’s music.

To this point, our group was reduced to 50% and most of them were drunk. I saw the group of people doing shots & joined them for a round of shots.

One of them seemed to have too much fun and was laughing breathlessly.  So I asked whether she was alright? to which she replied, “I’m not drunk if I’m still drinking”.

IMG 2005 1024x769 - Bar Crawl - Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

Kissing a Guy

The bar had a min $15 for a credit card, so I bought a drink for Reggie who was hanging out with us. He yelled thank you and tried to kiss me on my cheek but someone suddenly called me so I moved my head which made us kiss each other.
It was awkward for a couple of seconds and later we laughed about it, moreover this wasn’t the first time I kissed a guy.

The Girl at the Bar

I have been observing this cute girl with a heartful smile in the group but was waiting to build up the courage to go up to her & start a conversation. Besides, she was always surrounded by people who never seemed to leave her alone.

Later that night, I gathered the courage to go up to her and introduce myself. There was an instant chemistry between us. As our conversation went on, I could see other guys getting jealous because I was stealing her away from them.

She was probably the kindest person that I have met in a while, she was studying to become a nurse. Few minutes into our conversation we started finishing out sentences. I asked what was her favorite show and we both said: “The office” at the same time which made her giggle. I could see the smile on her face every time I said something to her, we couldn’t take out our eyes from each other.

Looking at my internet in her, everyone started helping me out by saying good things about me. I have just met them but they were still trying to bring us together.

Our First Date

It was getting too loud so I suggested her to go out. She kept her hands on mine, suggesting to lead her way. We became cozy with each other & started walking towards my favorite taco place “Big Star“. We talked about our interests & dreams.

Tacos were as good as the person I was with. It was already late and I needed to catch my last train back.

I kissed her goodbye promising a date pretty again soon.

I texted how much I enjoyed our time together and pressed ‘send’. At the same moment, I received a text saying, “Would you like to meet this Thursday? (We basically text each other at the same time.)
To which I replied, “for sure”.


I just came to have fun and I met this interesting girl which took my night to a whole new level. Sometimes you hope for a good fun night and it turns out to be the best night of your life.

About the author:

Bhargava Krishna (BK) is an adventurer, traveler, foodie, fitness freak and engineer by profession; sarcastic by nature.

BK - "I am not a writer just a storyteller"

You can reach him:


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