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"How do I become the life of the party?" Every so often, I hear this question. People are in awe at those who come into a party, seeming to know everyone. Shaking hands, laughing, cheering with almost everyone at a party. They exude this positivity that's contagious.
Growing a social group out of a few strangers to now, Chicago's largest offline group with over 25,000 members and counting, in just 3 years, I think I may have the answer to this question ;).

This month, for our "Best of Chicago" series, we're picking our top bars in River North.
For almost everyone, unless you just got off the plane at O'hare for the first time, River North is Chicago's mecca for night life. There are a plethora of neighborhoods that cater to the young, bold and energetic, but if you want the crowd, the vanity, the newest bars and restaurants, the craziness, the sheer palette of senses tingling you, River North is the place to be.

As promised we are going to do a monthly review of our top favorite bars in Chicago's most popular neighborhoods. Tamsin did the first honors by picking the top bars for Old Town. Today I will write what I think are the top bars for Logan Square.
First, let me tell you why I think I am well positioned to write this. One, I have lived in Chicago for almost all my life. Two, I used to own buildings in Logan Square and did a lot of stops there. And three, I currently live in Avondale, which is just a 10 minute walk to Logan Square. Needless to say I go to Logan Square a LOT.

In the last blog, I wrote about how I started the International Party. I knew people would like my story but the interest has been amazing! So far in just a few days, we already have over 500 views!
So, due to all the interest, I've decided to make a blog series about the most common questions asked. Next to "How I started International Party" the other most common question I get is "How did you start Meet People Chicago?". Let me take you back a few years...

The International Party events are the most popular events we host. Almost without fail, we average 100-140 people for every International Party we throw, and it's growing. At first glance, you might not understand why this event is so popular, but if you think about it, I think it makes sense. Chicago has one of the largest international communities in the world. At our international parties we get a sampling of the UN. Brazilians, Mexicans, Germans, Aussies, English, Italians, Koreans, Japanese, and dozens more nationalities abound! Chicago is a very diverse city, who doesn't want to meet people from around the world?
And almost every single international party at least one member would ask me "How did you start the International Party?".

  • "I had a blast! Great group, great people. I have to definitely come out to more events."

    Taylor // MPC Member

  • "Come to these events. You won't be disappointed. The organizer is SUPER friendly and a great host. "

    Tabia // MPC Member

  • "I met my best friend from the first event I went to. Thanks Peter! "

    Jessica // MPC Member

  • "Thank you MPC. I met my love of my life, my good friends, all because of your amazing, fun events!"

    Jill // MPC Member

  • "After attending several different groups, MPC is the hands down the best! There are a variety of young fun people in their 20's and 30's with a good balance between men and women. The venues are also awesome. Thanks for organizing it Peter! "

    Trent // MPC Member

  • "So much fun! The people were great and the music was totally fun! It was my first event and I was amazed at how great it was. I look forward to going to many more and meeting many more wonderful friends!"

    Jen // MPC Member

  • "Best events I have been to! Fun group, nice people and the organizers are awesome!"

    Lisa // MPC Member

  • "Out of control and I like it like that!"

    Kirill // MPC Member

  • "I had an amazing time! I can't wait for the next events!"

    Tiffini // MPC Member

  • "MPC is a fantastic social group. I was brand new to the city in June (knowing all of 2-3 people), and decided to give it a try after being here for five days. The people are friendly, fun and it's pretty easy to just bounce around meeting new people. I HIGHLY recommend you give this group a try if you're on the fence. Peter does a fantastic job organizing, and it's always good to get out and explore/drink in new areas of the city with people just looking to have a good time."

    Jeremy // MPC Member

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